Terms & Conditions

• Parents or guardians are fully responsible for their children always during the sessions. Please remember to bring a drink to all sessions as one will not be provided.


• Sessions will run weekly and paid for monthly. Each session will be £5.00 per child, £20 a month per child. The parent or guardian must pay a full month’s fee prior to the member attending to secure your place.  Your child is entitled to one free taster session before any payments will be required.


• Parents are still required to pay for the weeks missed as payments reserve your child’s space within sessions.


• Cheeky Champs may also need to cancel sessions due to unavailable coaches or venues etc. If this is the case, you will be credited back.


• Cheeky Champs reserves the right to suspend or terminate any membership due to any inappropriate behaviour by members. In this case a warning will be given first, any further action can lead to suspension or termination with no refund available.


• Parents or guardians will not bring any members to a Cheeky Champs session if they or the member are suffering from any infectious contagious illness to ensure safety to all other members and staff.


• Parents have to provide a participating guide to their own children unless not needed.



Boys Brigade Hut

Thomas Street



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